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  1. on top of (someone or something) 1. In complete control or with complete awareness of someone or something, often due to being diligent, fully informed, and/or up-to-date. A: "How is the new project going?" B: "Right on track! Jen was on top of it while you were on vacation." I don't know how you keep on top of all the different student issues that are.
  2. Dec 24,  · On top of the tower means at the very top -- so even if there's a spire or antenna tower, you ate there. On the top of the tower might mean at the uppermost part of the building we're allowed to go to. (Maybe.) I can hear this: We saw New York from the top .
  3. Get On Top. If you like this game, you can now get it for your Ouya! This game is my take on 'Fight of the Sumo Hoppers', and it was originally designed to be controlled with two trampolines. Controls are AWD for player 1, LEFTUPRIGHT for player 2. First to 11 is the winner. --Bennett.
  4. Oct 19,  · On top of something sounds like it's on top and not on the bottom. So top here is used to indicate position. I guess I would use it in contexts where arrangement of things are concerned - the blue book is on top of the yellow pages. Regarding on the top of something, I'm stuck. Please explain what you think of them and correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Define on top. on top synonyms, on top pronunciation, on top translation, English dictionary definition of on top. n. 1. The uppermost part, point, surface, or end: wrote on the top of the box. 2.
  6. On top definition is - on the highest part or surface of something. How to use on top in a sentence.
  7. Definition of on top of that in the Idioms Dictionary. on top of that phrase. What does on top of that expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  8. one on top of the other {adv} übereinander: to feel on top of the world: sich pudelwohl fühlen [ugs.] inside or on top of the vehicle: in oder auf dem Fahrzeug: idiom to be on top of the world [fig.] sich obenauf fühlen: to be on top of the world [fig.] voll überschwänglicher Freude sein: to feel on top of the world [fig.] irrsinnig gut.

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