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  1. give back 1. To return or restore something to someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "give" and "back." Give me back my sweater, you brat! Did I ever give you your pen back? 2. To act in a charitable manner, often by donating money or volunteering. I like to give back to my community by working with other volunteers.
  2. "Give Me Back My Man" is a song written and recorded by the American rock band The B's. It was released as the second single from their album Wild Planet and is one of many solo vocal performances from Cindy Wilson in the band's earlier ehaleaselovnot.walllicenttadoldsultepementsoftringhar.co: Pop rock, post-punk, new wave.
  3. Feb 08,  · Notoriously nicknamed the "Give Me Back My Money" compilation for how terrible it (mostly) is. Reply Notify me 2 Helpful VilGirl June 15, Report; referencing Give Me Back, LP, Comp, Ebullition This comp is AWESOME another hard one to find and wish i could find this on CD or MP3 there are some great singles you CAN NOT find anywhere /5(55).
  4. Give Me Back Lyrics: Twelve o'clock / And I'm still not dressed / I'm trying to bleed onto paper / But time is not impressed / What can I do? / Trying to pull out my feelings / But they're deep.
  5. give back: See: bestow, contribute, deliver, indemnify, rebate, recommit, recoup, reflect, refund, reimburse, remise, render, repay, restore, return.
  6. Give me back five Give me my money back! give something back - grammar give them guns step back - grammar give/take a step back into the past. he would give you the shirt off his back I want you to give me a back massage. I would give him the shirt off of my back. I'll give it right back ; I'll be right back it's nice to give something back to.
  7. Another word for give back. Find more ways to say give back, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at ehaleaselovnot.walllicenttadoldsultepementsoftringhar.co, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  8. I thank all these organisations who have achieved the impossible to give me back my freedom". ehaleaselovnot.walllicenttadoldsultepementsoftringhar.co Je r emerc ie toutes les organisations qui ont fait l'impossi bl e pou r m e .
  9. The second single from their album Wild Planet - Cindy Wilson at her finest. Original video: desaturated, 2-frame dissolves removed - re-synced to album.

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