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  1. Eddy Kim (에디킴) - The Manual (너 사용법) Lyrics Romanization, Korean, Translation. Color coded Lyrics.
  2. Eddy Kim "The Manual (너 사용법)": Budeureopge mudeuitge Ttatteutage kkok anajusio Maeil han beonssik sayonghasio Budeureoun nun majuch.
  3. 부드럽게 무드있게 따뜻하게 꼭 안아주시오매일 한 번씩 사용하시오부드러운 눈 마주칠 땐 미소 지어서그녀를 웃게 hey what`s up beauty 말을 거시오그날 아침엔 먼저 일어.
  4. (+) Eddy Kim(에디킴) - The Manual(너 사용법) (+) Eddy Kim(edikim) - The Manual(neo sayongbeop) (ROMANIZATION)
  5. Kim Jung-hwan (born November 23, ), known professionally as Eddy Kim, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He rose to fame as a contestant on the television talent show Superstar K 4 in He released his first EP, The Manual, in
  6. Jul 20,  · popgasa Eddy Kim eddy kim, english, 너 사용법, kim jung hwan, kpop, lirik lagu, lyrics, the manual, translation 2 Comments Softly, with mood, warmly, tightly hug her Use it .

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