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  1. verb (used with object) to prove or declare guilty of an offense, especially after a legal trial: to convict a prisoner of a felony. to impress with a sense of guilt.
  2. ehaleaselovnot.walllicenttadoldsultepementsoftringhar.co 1. Law To find or prove (someone) guilty of an offense or crime, especially by the verdict of a court: The jury convicted the defendant of manslaughter. 2.
  3. 1) v. to find guilty of a crime after a trial. 2) n. a person who has been convicted of a felony and sent to prison. convict to pronounce (someone) guilty of an offence or the person found guilty of an offence especially one who is sentenced to imprisonment. A person who has been convicted has a conviction.
  4. Conviction definition is - the act or process of finding a person guilty of a crime especially in a court of law. How to use conviction in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of conviction.
  5. Jan 29,  · Charlotte Cory, the main character in the thriller Convicted, has only days left until she is executed. Her lawyer discovers information that was kept out of her trial, and must race against time Produce Company: First Look Pictures.
  6. Dec 11,  · Directed by Henry Levin. With Glenn Ford, Broderick Crawford, Millard Mitchell, Dorothy Malone. A D.A. becomes the prison warden where he tries to help an inmate he prosecuted, because he believes his sentence was excessive/10().
  7. Another word for convicted. Find more ways to say convicted, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at ehaleaselovnot.walllicenttadoldsultepementsoftringhar.co, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  8. the act of convicting someone, as in a court of law; a declaration that a person is guilty of an offense. the state of being convicted. the act of convincing a person .

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